Performance and Load Testing with WebLoad

Recently, I had to perform a load test on our new project. We are using WebLoad to test the performance at different levels of load to see how it holds up. While WebLoad offers its own set of analytics, I am also using perfmon to see how each tier is performing under the stress.

I originally planned on using WebLoad 8.4 for the performance testing but have decided to stick with version 8.1. The free license for 8.4 limits you to 10 virtual users (the load size) where as V8.1 does not have any limitation.

WebLoad 8.1 can be downloaded here.

Perfmon Counters

The following counters will give the most pertinent results.

  • Requests Queued
  • Requests Current
  • Request Execution Time (lower is better)
  • Request Wait Time (lower is better)
  • Requests Rejected (lower is better, is best)


  • Context Switches / sec


  • Pages / sec
  • Available Bytes
  • Committed Bytes


  • % Processor Time
  • Active Server Pages
  • Request Wait Time
  • Requests Queued

Web Service

  • Current Connections
  • Bytes Send / sec
  • Connection Attempts / sec
  • Current Blocked Async I/O Requests
  • Current Blocked bandwidth bytes