Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

As Visual Studio has evolved as a product, so has the plethora of keyboard shortcuts that are available. Using these shortcuts make certain tasks much easier and quicker by not requiring you to remember the exact location in the often deep and convoluted menu and icon structure.

You can download your own keyboard shortcut guide here:

Each binding refers to the Developer Settings option you choose when you open Visual Studio for the first time. The document also contains the instructions for changing your default setting.

Manually Installing WordPress on GoDaddy Free Linux Shared Hosting

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and create a MySQL database
  2. Wait for the database to be created. Log in to the database, and note the server address
  3. Download the latest WordPress packager The latest version is available here:
  4. Unzip/decompress the package and upload the “wordpress” folder within to
  5. Run the WordPress installer
    1. When prompted, enter the name of the database that was created.

Hiding the Ads

To hide the “free hosting” ads from your site, edit the CSS for your Drupal template and add this entry

  display: none;

As of writing this, I am running into an issue with the administrator environment. It looks like some of the javascript isn’t executing so the UI isn’t rendering correctly. The site renders fine, though. More on that as I work it out. Any suggestions would be greatly


I found a blog entry that details how to fix the javascript issue mentioned above.

Motion Capture, Kinect, and You

UPDATE 2: June 16, 2011

The Kinect SDK (beta) has been released on June 16, 2011. Download it here.

UPDATE: April 15, 2011

Scott Guthrie announced the SDK in his keynote speech at MIX 2011. Additionally, each attendee was also given a Kinect to start building new software with it.

For their annual April fools joke, Google introduced Gmail Motion in 2011. You can read more about it here:

Some laughed, others saw it as a call to action. A research team at USC (University of Southern California) called Google on their bluff and used their experimental FAAST engine to actually implement the functionality from Gmail Motion. Even better, Microsoft has announced that they are releasing the Xbox 360 Kinect SDK later this spring (2011). I have some ideas for this and will be writing about this separately.

Academics, Enthusiasts to Get Kinect SDK