Migrating Multiple WordPress Sites to a single Multisite

Until recently, I have been using WordPress solely for more this blog. With the release of version 3.0, I decided to read through the release notes and noticed some great features. With the addition of custom post types introduced in version 2.9, WordPress makes a dandy content management system.

Discussing this with Morton (@mor10) at MIX 2011 only further solidified my decision to use WordPress as a CMS for production websites.

With all of the sites that I am building using WordPress, managing the different sites (each is installed as a standalone site) has become a hassle. Before I start on other sites, I am taking this opportunity to migrate all of my sites that I am hosting into a single Multisite implementation. WordPress has some documentation on how to do this; I will document any hiccups I come across and their resolution.

Further Reading

Production Sites

Here are a couple sites I’ve implemented using WordPress 3.1


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