Fixing crashed WordPress comments

I recently noticed that I had lost all my comments from the Enterpriseyness blog (this website, a WordPress site). I decided to look at the database table that stores my comments. By default, the comments are stored in wp_comments but you have the option to use any prefix other than ‘wp’ when you are setting up your WordPress site.

I decided to take a look at the comments table for some clues and was presented with the following error message:

#144 - Table './###/wp_comments' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

I am not a heavy MySQL user so I went off to Google and came across a few ideas. Before anything else, I made sure to back up my current database. Things are bad, I don’t want them getting worst. The first idea I came across was to simply attempt to repair the table manually

repair table wp_comments


This immediately brought my WordPress comments back. You can learn more about repair function on MySQL’s website.

Manually Installing WordPress on GoDaddy Free Linux Shared Hosting

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and create a MySQL database
  2. Wait for the database to be created. Log in to the database, and note the server address
  3. Download the latest WordPress packager The latest version is available here:
  4. Unzip/decompress the package and upload the “wordpress” folder within to
  5. Run the WordPress installer
    1. When prompted, enter the name of the database that was created.

Hiding the Ads

To hide the “free hosting” ads from your site, edit the CSS for your Drupal template and add this entry

  display: none;

As of writing this, I am running into an issue with the administrator environment. It looks like some of the javascript isn’t executing so the UI isn’t rendering correctly. The site renders fine, though. More on that as I work it out. Any suggestions would be greatly


I found a blog entry that details how to fix the javascript issue mentioned above.

Manually Installing Drupal 6.20 on GoDaddy Free Linux Shared Hosting

GoDaddy offers free hosting when you purchase a domain. The free hosting shows ads on all of the hosted pages and prevents you from installing their offered applications.
Follow these steps to install Drupal 6.x on the free hosting account and hide the ads.
  1. Create the MySQL database. The free hosting allows up to 10 databases.
  2. Download Drupal 6.20
  3. Expand the downloaded zip (e.g. /drupal62 )
  4. Upload the folder via FTP to your GoDaddy folder /drupal62
  5. Run /drupal62/install.php to finish setting up your Drupal installation.

At this point, your Drupal install is accessible at (replace with your primary domain on GoDaddy). You can also create a sub domain to point this folder or another domain name and treat it as a stand alone website.

Hiding the Ads

To hide the “free hosting” ads from your site, edit the CSS for your Drupal template and add this entry

  display: none;