Author: babak

  • Integrating Google Web Fonts

    .post-434 { font-family: ‘Jura’; } Historically, web designers have been limited to the fonts they can use in live text. Enter Google Web fonts. This will allow you to integrate any website. I have used the Google Web Fonts API to integrate the Jura font for this post by adding the following to my HTML: […]

  • Citi Mortgage UX Fail

    Recently I was on the CitiMortgage website ( and noticed a poor design decision in the date selector. The company policy prevents you from picking a date past the 16th of the month. The drop down list to select a date, however, presents the user with all date of the current month but will show […]

  • Source control strategy for WordPress sites

    My background is more in software and web application development, not website development. So when I started doing a few websites on the side, I wanted to translate some of the tools and processes that I use everyday as a developer to this new role. As I compared the different CMS options, WordPress was the […]

  • Google Finance Web Service Fail

    A couple weeks ago, I was checking out Google Finance and noticed something scary. One of two things had just occurred; either the whole world just went broke or (slightly more likely) the web service call to retrieve the data had failed or timeout. While the scenario was quickly fixed by refreshing the page, these are […]

  • Migrating Multiple WordPress Sites to a single Multisite

    Until recently, I have been using WordPress solely for more this blog. With the release of version 3.0, I decided to read through the release notes and noticed some great features. With the addition of custom post types introduced in version 2.9, WordPress makes a dandy content management system. Discussing this with Morton (@mor10) at MIX 2011 […]

  • jQuery Datatables with C# / .NET web services

    I just completed a project where I integrated that jQuery Datatables plugin The documentation from the Datatables website was helpful but there were a gaps that needed extended documentation. This particular implementation uses an ASMX service for the underlying service. The plugin is integrated with my <table> with the following call. $(‘#example’).dataTable({ bJQueryUI: true, […]

  • Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

    As Visual Studio has evolved as a product, so has the plethora of keyboard shortcuts that are available. Using these shortcuts make certain tasks much easier and quicker by not requiring you to remember the exact location in the often deep and convoluted menu and icon structure. You can download your own keyboard shortcut guide here: Each […]

  • Manually Installing WordPress on GoDaddy Free Linux Shared Hosting

    Log in to your GoDaddy account and create a MySQL database Wait for the database to be created. Log in to the database, and note the server address Download the latest WordPress packager The latest version is available here: Unzip/decompress the package and upload the “wordpress” folder within to Run the WordPress installer When […]

  • Motion Capture, Kinect, and You

    UPDATE 2: June 16, 2011 The Kinect SDK (beta) has been released on June 16, 2011. Download it here. UPDATE: April 15, 2011 Scott Guthrie announced the SDK in his keynote speech at MIX 2011. Additionally, each attendee was also given a Kinect to start building new software with it. For their annual April fools joke, […]

  • User Stories to Requirements

    Agile methodologies allow development teams to better handle multiple projects and deliverables. One issue I have with User Stories is the inability to specify hard requirements. Use cases, functional requirements, and cognitive walkthroughs. As a user, I should be able to edit my content As a user, I should be presented with the potion […]