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  • PlantUML – Missing Docs

    I’ve been using PlantUML for my technical diagrams recently; the ability to include the source for my diagrams along side my projects has been a documentation game changer. The tool is pretty well documented on their website but a few things are not immediately clear until you stumble with using it a few times. How […]

  • Refreshing my Windows 10 dev machine

    Run Windows Fresh Start to clean up the machine from all of the bloatware either came with the computer or has been installed over time. This post is a work in progress and will be updated as more tools are identified. Install chocolatey Install the dev tools via chocolatey. Make sure you run chocolatey from […]

  • The new Microsoft at BUILD 2016

    I attended Microsoft’s annual developer conference BUILD and am pretty excited about this new Microsoft that has emerged under the guidance and leadership of Satya Nadella.  A lot of my surprise comes from the new services and APIs that Microsoft has announced at the conference. The Cognitive Services APIs offer an amazing opportunity for creating […]

  • The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus needs more storage

    The new features of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are nice. I particularly like the updates they’ve made on the photo camera and video camera. The move to 60 fps video is amazing but is also cause for my biggest issue with the phone. The 16GB of storage is simply not enough space to […]

  • Migrating your iPhone contacts to your Android phone

    I recently moved from an iPhone to an Android phone.  My immediate concern was how to move my contacts over between the two devices. iCloud backup of my contacts really came in handy for this. First, make sure to have your contacts backed up to iCloud. Log in to iCloud at using your Apple ID […]