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  • Hosted source control and project management with Subversion and Team Foundation Server

    I have been using Subversion for many years both professionally and on open source projects (mainly Razor Image Viewer). Initially, I had Subversion running as a service on my local computer but the more I thought about a strategy for backing up my work, the more it made sense to use a hosted environment. The […]

  • Source control strategy for WordPress sites

    My background is more in software and web application development, not website development. So when I started doing a few websites on the side, I wanted to translate some of the tools and processes that I use everyday as a developer to this new role. As I compared the different CMS options, WordPress was the […]

  • Subversion Error Message on Windows 7/Windows 2008 Server

    Some times when I am performing a Subversion task (update, commit, check out) I get an error message stating that files can’t be moved or deleted. A subsequent boot of my machine causes CHKDSK to run (this is what concerned me). The error message looks like this: Error: Can’t move Error: ‘[…]\.svntmpentries’ Error: to Error: […]