I have been working on a website to aggregate funny technology related content across the internet. So far, I have been able to integrate pictures, YouTube videos, and some RSS content from fmylife and clientcopia

I have created the site using ASP.NET and SQL Server. I made this decision solely because I use Microsoft’s platform every day for my professional work.

Picture Uploads and Thumbnails

The pictures page ( allows visitors to add their own pictures. Upon uploading a picture, a thumbnail is also generate for that picture. The code below shows how to create a thumbnail of an uploaded image.

public System.Drawing.Image CreateThumbnail(System.Drawing.Image original, int width, int height)
return original.GetThumbnailImage(width, height, null, new IntPtr());

Ajax using jquery + .NET Web Services

Recently, I have also been introducing some new ajax functionality using jquery and .NET web services. This combination has allowed me to easily introduce a “preview” feature for uploading images and YouTube videos.

Content Management

Youtube Videos

The site is being updated to use the Youtube play list as the content manager for the videos page. Comments and ratings will be retrieved for the detail page and visitors to can add their own comments and ratings.

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