Category: UX

  • So what if Windows 8 has no start button?

    I like Windows 8…that alone should earn me some hate. Windows 8 is a testament to exactly how much people hate change. Look at Facebook, each time there’s a major change to their layout you people creating new page “bring back the old look”. When Windows 8 was released in 2012, the loudest grumbles were around […]

  • Login/Register page design

    I recently went to the Getty Villa website to get some tickets and came across their login/registration screen. Sadly, their page looks like the type of examples used in hyperbole-filled academic books on how NOT to design the login page. The notes defined here can be applied to most any user interface design. Consistency of […]

  • Citi Mortgage UX Fail

    Recently I was on the CitiMortgage website ( and noticed a poor design decision in the date selector. The company policy prevents you from picking a date past the 16th of the month. The drop down list to select a date, however, presents the user with all date of the current month but will show […]

  • Google Finance Web Service Fail

    A couple weeks ago, I was checking out Google Finance and noticed something scary. One of two things had just occurred; either the whole world just went broke or (slightly more likely) the web service call to retrieve the data had failed or timeout. While the scenario was quickly fixed by refreshing the page, these are […]