Tag: continuous integration

  • Source control strategy for WordPress sites

    My background is more in software and web application development, not website development. So when I started doing a few websites on the side, I wanted to translate some of the tools and processes that I use everyday as a developer to this new role. As I compared the different CMS options, WordPress was the […]

  • Setting up Cruise Control .NET 1.5/1.6 on Windows 7 + IIS7

    I have been setting up a new continuous integration system on my laptop for some of my personal projects and thought it would be a good time to upgrade to Cruise Control 1.5. I came across some issues during the setup so I have put up my notes on the process in case anyone else […]

  • Continuous Integration with Cruise Control, .NET (C#, WPF, ASP.NET) Projects, and NAnt

    UPDATE: NAnt 0.91 Alpha 2 has been released with support for .NET 4. Download it here. UPDATE: CruiseControl.NET 1.5 (Final) has been released and is available here. UPDATE CruiseControl.NET 1.5 RC1 has been released and is available here. My Cruise Control .NET implementation consists of numerous development projects each with multiple different Cruise Control .NET […]