Setting up Cruise Control .NET 1.5/1.6 on Windows 7 + IIS7

I have been setting up a new continuous integration system on my laptop for some of my personal projects and thought it would be a good time to upgrade to Cruise Control 1.5. I came across some issues during the setup so I have put up my notes on the process in case anyone else has the same issues.
My Development Environment
Windows 7 (64-bit)
IIS 7.5
Cruise Control 1.6
Nant 0.86, Nant 0.91-alpha2
Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010
Installation Steps
  1. Download the installation package from
    • The release build of version 1.5 is available here on Source Forge.
    • The nightly build for version 1.6 is available here on CCNet Live.
  2. Run the installer. This will copy the files you need and create the IIS site/virtual directories needed to access Cruise Control .NET from your browser.
  3. Open your Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (Start -> Run -> inetmgr )
  4. Create a new website point the site to <INSTALL PATH>webdashboard.
  5. Change the bindings for the new site to a unique port. ( I use port 90 and the CCNET is then accessed via http://localhost:90)
  6. Open the application pool created for this site and change the ‘Managed pipeline mode’ to ‘Integrated’.
  7. Open the services manager (Start -> Run -> services.msc) and start the Cruise Control .NET service.

Security& Permissions Issues

The default installation may cause issues due to permissions required to create folder (there are folders created on the fly for each CCNET project). It is best practice to have the CruiseControl.NET service running under a service account with proper permissions in the <INSTALL PATH>server and <INSTALL PATH>webdashboard  directories and subdirectories. The service account needs enough permissions to create new folders and files within the .server folder.


The new version of Cruise Control .NET has an admin dashboard that allows you to manage the plugins to display on the report pages. To enable the login, you need to modify /webdashboard/dashboard.config and add a password for the <administrationPlugin /> element.

As you install and uninstall the plugins, click the View Log button that appears next to the “Package has been installed” message to view the log of the installation. If there were any complications with the installation (usually permissions related), this log is your best source of information).

Visual Studio 2010 Unit Tests

The Visual Studio 2010 unit test results file has changed slightly from 2008. CCNET 1.6 addresses this issue.

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  1. After Creating new website point, how to create of fill the (Site name) (Application pool) as i created as Site name-cruisecontrol and Application pool-cruisecontrol as selected from the Application tool and physical path to C:Program FilesCruiseControl.NETwebdashboard but while testing settings : Results: Pass-through authentication (cruisecontrol:Application Pool
    > Authorization -Cannot verify access to path (C:Program FilesCruiseControl.NETwebdashboard)

    Plz do respond to me ! Suggestions

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