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  • A review of Themify’s Minshop theme

    Minshop is a responsive WooCommerce theme from the good people at themify.me. In building out the eCommerce solution for The Men’s Fashion, Minshop has allowed us to jump start the front end thus saving weeks of design effort and allowed us team to deliver a working product in minimal time. Responsive Layout Minshop is an HTML5 WordPress theme with […]

  • iOS ‘native’ web apps with HTML5

    I’ve been considering iOS development recently but I don’t have a Mac on which to develop. Alternatively, I have been looking into HTML5 ‘native’ web apps. These are web apps that look and feel like native iOS applications. I am using my Batch Image Resize web app for my R&D on this topic. Installation The […]

  • HTML5

    I want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to HTML5 and everything it has to offer so I’m using this blog entry to chronicle my research and any cool tools I find around the interwebs. I found this nice sandbox the other day http://rendera.heroku.com/. They have some nice example and am learning a […]