A review of Themify’s Minshop theme

Minshop is a responsive WooCommerce theme from the good people at themify.me. In building out the eCommerce solution for The Men’s Fashion, Minshop has allowed us to jump start the front end thus saving weeks of design effort and allowed us team to deliver a working product in minimal time.

Responsive Layout

Minshop is an HTML5 WordPress theme with a responsive layout that optimizes the view for both desktop and mobile audiences. You can test out the response layout for yourself by resizing your browser window. The “mobile” view is accessible on your desktop if you re-size your browser to 480 pixels. The entire top navigation becomes a mouse/touch enabled menu that is easier to navigate in a mobile browser.

Layout and Design

Minshop offers a minimal interface but also allows you to choose from a variety of skins to help you get your store out the door as quickly as possible. The responsive theme looks great on both desktop and tablet/phone browsers out of the box.


The slider feature has been instrumental in showcasing new and featured products.

Social Sharing & Open Graph

Out of the box, the Minshop theme generates the OpenGraph tags that will control how your pages’ content are displayed when shared on Facebook, Pinterest, and any other OpenGraph enabled service.

Search engine optimization

Minshop implements the following Schema.org schemas

  • http://schema.org/Offer
  • http://schema.org/Product

Feature Wish list

There are a few additions I would love to see the Minshop team make on their great theme.

  • More HTML5 semantic markup
  • The ability to have the copy for the Shop page show to the left or right of a 2 or 3 column grid of products

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